Thursday, April 14, 2011

Le choix

This morning started off like most mornings on a mission. I smacked my alarm clock into silence as I rolled off the bed into a morning prayer. As I prepared for the day a reoccurring thought entered into my mind about the choice I made to serve a full time mission. It seems like everything in life is either the result of or the precursor to a choice. Whether we run out of gas on the freeway because we chose not to fill up the tank or we didn't go to a party because we knew it wasn't a good scene, each has it's own consequence. As I continued to think about why I came on a mission and how it has effected my life I started to ponder on how it has effected the life of those around me. It never occurred to me how my service as a missionary would effect others or if it even would. I knew my family would miss me but as for my friends I just assumed that we would just pick up where we left off when I got back. Most of the time when we make a decision we don't fully contemplate the domino effect that our choice will have on others or the future generations. As I continued to think about choice I turned to the scriptures during my personal study and thought a lot about Lehi, the prophet from the Book of Mormon.  He chose to listen to the promptings of the Spirit, to leave all of his possessions, gather his family and flee into the wilderness just before the Babylonians came to destroy Jerusalem. Because of the choice he made to listen and leave generations were impacted and we now have the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of of Jesus Christ. In the Spring of 1820 a young man would make a choice that would change the face of the world forever. He couldn't understand why there were so many Christian churches if Christ had only established one, so he took his question to the most reliable source, God. He asked which church was right and which one he should join, at that moment he saw God the Father and Jesus Christ and would later become instrumental in restoring Christ's church back to the earth. Because of a question, because of a willingness to follow lives have been changed forever. Now, I don't necessarily think that lives for generations have been changed because I chose to serve a mission but I know that mine has. How has our decision's effected our future? How will it effect the generations?

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